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        Company introduction

        WENZHOU HONLY INSTRUMENT CO., LTD (short for Honly hereinafter), developed

        From Wenzhou Songtai Meter Company founded in Oct. 1989, was established in 2006.Honly has been devoted into production of pointer and digital switch panel meters since its

        foundation.The company is located in the Binhai Economic&Techonological Development Park, Wenzhou, China...

        Honly, currently has 160 employees and a 4000-sq meters plant area. Honly is specialized in the production of pointer type and digital instrument panel switches, with an annual output of about 1,500,000.00 meters sold all around the world, Honly is the supplier for Xiamen ABB low voltage electrical appliance Co., Ltd., Xiamen ABB electric control equipment Co., Ltd.and Tianjin ABB switch Co., Ltd.Honly is also OEM supplier for several European well-known brands manufacturers. To supply better service and enlarge our products line, we started to produce transformer from the beginning of this year. The company is concerntrated in building the "Honly" brand.

        After several years' development, Honly has a full range of products with various specifications. Equipped with advanced equipments and testing machines,Honly produces high quality products at reasonable price in different sale models, including OBM, ODM ,and OEM as well.

        We passed ISO9000, CE, RoHS and so on. We produce our products in accordance with the following standards:

        Due to the long-term development of the company in future, ERP system was introduced to Honly

        in 2010 . To improve our management level, we were so excited to introduce senior professional manager&management team from Taiwan and establish a new joint venture company in 2015. All the above effort is to make Honly first class enterprise and supply better products&service to our honored customers..


        About US





        National service hotline


        Tel: +86 577 55877957 +86 577 55877958
        Fax: +86 577 86528868
        Phone:+86 13780178229 Mr. Chen
        Address:No.628,Mingzhu Road,Binhai Industrial Park,Economic


        Technical support:溫州優(yōu)谷科技